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Why Geothermal?
A Geothermal System is the most efficient heating and cooling system available
You will save up to 70% of your current utility bill.
A Geothermal System is a heat exchanger that uses the earth or ground water or
both as sources of home or building heat in the winter and as a "sink" for heat
removed from a home or building in the summer.
The system provides heat by removing it from the earth through a liquid such as
ground water or an antifreeze solution, which is upgraded by the heat pump and
transferred to indoor air. The system provides cooling by reversing the process.
What does it mean for you ?
Save Money
Save the Earth
What is your
carbon footprint?
The Emergency Economic
Stabilization Act of 2008, H.R. 1424
extends tax incentives for
geothermal heat pumps until the
year 2016.
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A geothermal system emits no
CO2, which is considered a major
contributor to environmental air
pollution. This is the Earth’s
natural thermal energy, a Nature
provides us.
When you use a geothermal
comfort system you are choosing
the highest quality, best
performing heating and cooling
system available!

Coefficient of Performance
The energy efficiency of heating
equipment can be compare by
looking at the rated COP or
Coefficient of Performance of the
unit. COP is the ratio of energy
output to energy input thus a
higher COP rating indicates a more
efficient unit.
The COP of an electric furnace is
1, since each watt of electricity put
into it produces the equivalent of 1
watt of heat energy out. The COP
of a geothermal unit is 3 or
greater. Each watt the heat pump
uses to run its transferring
mechanism enables it to draw 2 or
more from the earth. This gives a
total of 3 or more units out for 1
unit put in.
     There are several federal and state incentives for your
home. Contact your electric utility, Department
of Commerce or Ministry of Revenue for further details.

Through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency
Fund, CL&P and United Illuminating offer a
$500 per ton incentive (maximum incentive is
for the installation of Air Conditioning
and Refrigeration Institute (ARI)-rated
geothermal systems.

Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund. Click
here to find out how
CEEF can save you
valuable money

Building a new home and thinking about
installing a geothermal system?
Click here
to find out how this can save you in the long term.

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